Welcome to New Zealand, the Home of FREZZOR!

Visionary Noel Turner

Great leaders launch great movements, and FREZZOR is a great movement, with a great leader.

Noel Turner is a global citizen. Kiwi by birth, American and European by choice…Noel lives a life of integrity.
He's authentic, enduring, compelling, relentless, and dedicated to perfection.

His commitment to excellence has been observed by thousands. His passion and energy moves the people
around him. He's a motivator who travels the planet to inspire people.

When you meet Noel, you stretch to find the caption to put under his portrait: Passionate? Visionary? Unique?
Any of those would fit, but none say it all. The most concise caption? FREZZOR!

The Story of FREZZOR and Noel Turner’s life story are tightly aligned.
They are inseparable: his philosophy, passion, values, integrity, and beliefs are woven into the fabric of FREZZOR.


Culture, Philosophy & Mission

Our culture, philosophy, mission, passion, values, integrity are intrinsically woven into the fabric of FREZZOR. We are passionately committed to helping people achieve and sustain vitality, energy, health, well-being, happiness, and prosperity as they pursue the life for which they were created to experience.