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Our FREZZOR customers are constantly telling us how much they love our products, how our products have transformed their lives for the better, and how much they love sharing the FREZZOR Wellness Lifestyle Collection with their friends and family. So, we have created a FREZZOR Brand Ambassador program to reward our loyal Ambassadors to earn commissions.

Our Brand Ambassador Rewards Program gives you the tools you need to earn commissions. FREZZOR Brand Ambassadors receive a personalized website, marketing tools, and up to a 20% Commission on all product sales paid weekly!

Join us today to experience the Revitalization Revolution and share that health, wealth, and happiness with those you love!


Become a Global Brand Ambassador

EARN 20%

Join our team of Global FREZZOR Brand Ambassadors and earn commissions by referring our products!

We are passionate about building a global network of FREZZOR Brand Ambassadors who are as enthusiastic about sharing world-class products that everyone can benefit from. Everything we offer comes with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can feel absolutely confident that you are sharing the best products with no risk. Furthermore, we take care of all of the sale contracts, money transfers, and import/export requirements. All you have to do is make the sale.

Now it’s easier than ever to share our life-enhancing, anti-aging, wellness lifestyle collection with everyone. FREZZOR offers a 10% discount on any order of 6-11 items and a 20% discount on orders of 12 items or more. As a Brand Ambassador, that’s in addition to your sales commission!